Tawnya Ferguson

Tawnya is a former Manager for a large commercial concern with responsibilities in employee management, accounting, word processing, inventory control, corporate sales management and data customization.  Tawnya joined Sundial Solar 2015.

Will R. Shirley, Sr.

Will brings 23 years of systems technology experience to the Company. Will worked as VP of Operations for the Company before purchasing it outright.

Caleb Dana

Mr. Dana is a Senior Principal Engineer with Sundial Solar with over 30 years of environmental consulting and engineering experience. Mr. Dana manages or provides principal oversight for  solar project site analysis and design.

Sundial Solar has developed corporate partnerships from around the country that will help us produce sustainable local economic development based on on our strategy - Solar-Based Economic Development (SBED).  Solar power is the fastest growth industry in the world and through Sundial's corporate partnerships, access to that growth stream is a reality for decision-makers such as Mayors, Supervisors, legislators, businessmen, and home-owners who are forward thinking and ready to improve their economic situation.  Our SBED strategy allows for the construction of Utility Scale Solar projects that support Municipal and County Governments across Mississippi and the Southeastern United States. Our partners include the following:

Corporate PARTNERS


Girard Gray, Sr.

Mr. Gray is a graduate of Ontility’s “Entry Level Solar Installation Course” a NABCEP licensed course of study and is a former lead solar instructor for The Hope Center in Gretna, Mr. Gray became associated with Sundial Solar in 2012.

Corporate Management

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About Us

Patty Patterson

As DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY SOLAR, Ms. Patterson brings a Business Management degree and extensive management operations experience. She will lead the effort to bring Community Solar to neighborhoods throughout the State.

Zac Dana

Zac is the Company's lead installer.  Zac is on management and operations hiatis gaining training that this company desires.  Upon his return Zac will perform as one of the corporate managers for installations & operations.

Future Headquarters of


Our Mission


  01. Develop Utility Scale Solar to Support  

  Municipal and County Governments across

  Mississippi and the Southeastern United


  We guarantee effective and reliable evaluation, planning,   

  engineering, construction and O&M services for your Municipal

  Solar project.  The development of municipal solar involves solar

  professionals with the expertise in multiple disciplines. Sundial

  Solar brings together the team that will help your municipalities

  put together a "Solar-Based Economic Development" strategy.


  02. Deliver Affordable Solar  Power to

  Homeowners across Mississippi.

  Homeowners in the Southeastern United States to the most part do

  not have the benefit of incentives that other states have

  developed.  Therefore, one of our missions is to provide to

  the Low-Moderate income earner an opportunity to experience the

  benefits of renewable solar power.  Sundial Solar is a member of

  the National Community Solar Partnership and through this

  partnership good things will happen.  

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  03. Businesses need Solar to Increase their

  Bottom Line - We will Deliver.

  Whether your business is just starting up or is an established

  organization, Sundial Solar can help your business save significant

  dollars immediately and over the long-term thereby positively

  affecting your bottom line.  JOIN THE LEAGUE OF SMART

  BUSINESSMEN by Going Solar.


Based in the Capitol City of Mississippi, We Deliver Comprehensive Solar Services for Your Home, Business and Local Government - Trusted Services You can depend on.


Our Solar Team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective solar services to our clients.


The Company was organized in 2009 and is one of the longest serving active solar providers in the State of Mississippi.  Since 2009, the Company has gained relevant partnerships with major US-based solar financiers, solar manufacturers,  solar distributors and out-of-state solar installation companies. Our expertese, coupled with our partners, guarantee you, our clients, the best technology at the best cost available.

The Company is a Founding/Charter Member of our local trade association, the Gulf State Renewable Energy Industries Association (GSREIA) which is based in New Orleans, LA.

The Company is also a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Local 480.  We utilize only skilled electrical craftsmen for most of our solar construction projects.

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our solar expertise.